Another of my pet theories. I once read that the brain makes up its mind first, and then spends a lot of time analyzing logically to justify this preconception. Only when the evidence is so damn strong that the preconceived notion cannot possibly hold up will the brain, very reluctantly, accept to backtrack. I personally like this idea, it seems so true to me (see, that’s exactly what I was talking about).

For example, this explains why it is so difficult to have rational discussions about religion or political preferences: in these cases, proof is difficult enough that the brain won’t ever backtrack.

But, trying to remain aware that I am not myself thinking logically, I try to keep looking for data in favor and against that theory. One I particularly recommend is the following video of a debate between creationists and evolutionists. I won’t take side in the debate (well, to be really honest, I illogically favor evolution, just because this is currently more trendy…). No, what I really find interesting in this debate is the debate itself.

In this video, you have two people who are apparently intelligent, educated, and just can’t even listen to one another’s argument. Go ahead, make a list of each of the arguments presented by the “skeptic” and the list of arguments made by the “creationist”. Now, watch the video again, and put a little marker in front of each question raised by one that is actually addressed by the other. You will be surprised…

Application to physics: am I simply running into a similar problem when trying to discuss my ideas about physics? Is it just that physicists will simply not listen because for them, a priori, no valid answer can ever come from an amateur? Frankly, there is another possibility. Maybe they did read my paper, and they are still laughing…


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