Another reason for being late with XL is that I recently spent a lot of free time trying to evangelize my ideas about incomplete measurements in physics. The main idea is not too complicated, I’m just asking if there is any good reason why two physically distinct measurements of, let’s say, a coordinate we call x, should behave identically at all scales. I have good arguments justifying that the answer is no. But then, what does it mean exactly when we use x in an equation? [If you have any interest, there is an article (PDF) developing these ideas.]

Advocating a serious change like this is pretty tough. Professional physicists tend to look down on the work of an amateur, and probably with good reasons. After all, there is a lot of crackpot physics out there. But still, I wish that after 6 months, I could have gotten a single serious physicist to actually read the damn article! I mean, in my own domain of expertise, I do not routinely leave e-mails unanswered, or ignore a request just because someone did not publish 25 papers…

This came as a surprise to me. I think that there is now so much incentive to write article that practically nobody bothers reading anymore, everybody just writes, writes, writes, hoping to be the next Einstein. The peer review system introduces further undesirable side effects, because it tends to favor articles that “fit in the mold”. I recently came across an article suggesting that Einstein was taken aback by the idea of anonymous peer review.

At first, I thought that the newly created sci.physics.foundations newsgroup would be an interesting outlet for such ideas. After all, it had been created just for that purpose. But over time, I got disappointed by the slowly decaying quality of the discussion.


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