Time for me to start a blog. Here are the topics that I am likely to address here:

  • Computer science, in particular programming languages and software development methodology. My ideas on programming are primarily developed on the XL web site, and I’m slowly writing a book (current draft), but here is a good spot to reference stories I find interesting.
  • Still in computer science, I may also talk about topics like virtualization, operating systems, and so on. I will be much more careful in that space, however, because this is my primary job, and I want to get approval for this from my employer first.
  • Physics research. My own ideas in that space are developed on a dedicated site and in this article. I’m crazy enough to believe that I found a novel way to stitch together general relativity and quantum mechanics.
  • Occasionally, I may dabble into politics or social events, in particular in France and the US.

The title of this blog, “Grenouille Bouillie”, is french for “boiled frog”. I chose it for the following reasons:
  • I’m pretty sure it’s almost impossible for any native english speaker to say it right

  • The boiled frog syndrom is how I describe that feeling you get when you move from one country to another: what everybody else thinks is normal burns you.

The boiled frog syndrom is more surprising when you return in your own country after a few years abroad. I’m born in France, and so are all members of my family but one, so we are very much “frogs”. But then, we no longer feel at home at home. Discussing all these little things about France that French people don’t see, all these little things about the US that American people don’t see, that is likely to be a recurring theme in this blog.


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