This started with a video on Youtube purportedly showing accelerated 3D graphics in VMware Fusion. The news was quickly spotted by Macbidouille and many others, and later confirmed.

This is interesting news, for two reasons. The first one is that graphics performance has been a main bottleneck for desktop virtualization for a long time, and more importantly, a functional bottleneck. In particular, it excluded any kind of “modern” gaming in a virtual machine. Having solved that is really neat, both technically and as a way to make virtualization more mainstream.

The second reason is that, if indeed we are talking about a fully supported feature, I believe that it appeared on the Mac version first. Granted, it has been present in a limited form in Workstation 5.0, for a little more than one year, but the feature is not even advertised in VMware Workstation 5 datasheets. With the Intel Macs, VMware found itself another mass market for its workstation products, one with presumably a much better attach rate, and more importantly, a market where they were beaten to the gates by Parallels.

Once more, innovation is fueled by competition. Good for Macintosh users…


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