I lost my father, Gabriel de Dinechin, during the night of Good Friday. He was a truly remarkable figure. Brilliant yet humble, gentle yet true to himself and others, sometimes slightly out of touch with reality, but always ready to listen. He was considered the genius in the family, and he truly knew an amazing lot about a number of fields: mathematics, physics, biology, astronomy, history, languages (during his last days, he was trying to read Tintin in russian and studying the basque language)… Professionally, I had not realized how much he had done until an uncle of mine who had asked his peers told us about it. Whenever French drivers used to be caught in regular car jams and no longer are, notably in Paris and around Lyon, chances are he had a role in it…

I will truly miss him, and I know that those who knew him feel the same. For about 2 years, my family and myself knew that this sad moment would be coming. We had time to prepare, we had time to say goodbye. It helps somewhat. Religious beliefs also do help. But the pain is still there. Sometimes, you believe that you have it under control, you want to have it under control, and it just hits back.

Coincidentally, my previous blog entry was about a family who had lost their child tragically. The trial of the murderer is underway, and this family keeps giving a remarkable testimony. I now find myself mourning, and I may understand a little better how they feel, and how courageous these parents really are. After all, it’s in the normal order of things to lose one’s father, but losing a child is not. So I’d like anybody who is ready to give a prayer for me, our family, or my father, to also consider praying for the Kegelin family as well.


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