Browsing through old Slashdot stories, I came across the DigiBarn. This is interesting to me because I own about 30 old computers and so many calculators, and it’s always nice to see well-organized web sites dedicated to the history of what is, certainly, one of the major changes of the twentieth century.

Of particular interest on this web site are:

  • Alternative user interfaces (though I find Jef Raskin’s insistence that he was right and Steve Jobs was wrong a bit of an exaggeration, to say the least).
  • A good account of Xerox’s work. I remember attending the final Star demo, and it was truly impressive. Though, again, these folks claim they invented everything, and this attempt to belittle other’s contributions irritates me. [As an aside, this particularly shocked me discussing with Alan Kay, and we ended up our discussion in rather bad terms as a result.]
  • Videos of the very first video game, Spacewar on PDP-1. Boy, was that advanced! For some reason, I had never thought it was an interactive game like this. Before seeing the video, I had always thought it was some sort of command-line game…

Anyway, this is for the true amateur (in the french meaning of the word, I think that English natives would use the word “connoisseur”)…


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