x86 emulation on IBM Power

IBM released beta software allowing x86 applications to run on System p machines (with Power processors), under the brilliant name “System p Application Virtual Environment”… This is another use for Quicktransit, also known to Mac users as Rosetta (Apple has a better taste for names than IBM, in my opinion, and on mascots as well…). Well, of course, in the IBM scenario, it runs “the other way” (from x86 to Power) than on Apple’s new line of Intel Macs (from PowerPC to x86). That makes the technology all the more impressive.

Now, not to brag or anything, but Integrity VM allows you to run Windows x86 apps on top of Windows for Itanium on top of HP-UX, and has been doing that for a while now. I wonder if something complicated like WINE would work in AVE? If so, the next interesting thing will be to compare the performance and behavior of Microsoft Office running on both stacks (System p AVE + WINE on the left, HP-UX + Integrity VM + Windows for Itanium + WOW64 on the right).

What I know is that I’m using the latter on a daily basis, and that I’m pretty proud of my baby…

CO2 capture

A CO2 capture device was demonstrated, which extracts CO2 from the atmosphere, for example for industrial applications such as extracting more oil (see the reference to the Alberta oil fields in the article)…

Am I the only one who thinks that this is as much a solution for the CO2 situation as surgery is for obesity?