According to this article, companies called MRT and BlueBeat are threatening various corporations (Apple, Microsoft, Adobe) for not using their Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology. Their reasoning, according to the article?

MRT and Bluebeat said the failure to use an available copyright protection solution contravenes the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which prohibits the manufacture of any product or technology designed to circumvent a technological measure that effectively controls access to a copyrighted work or protects the rights of copyright owners.

Huh? If this is true (and Forbes is reputable enough to give some credit to the story), this has to be the stupidest bogus reasoning of the year. How is not using a technology the same thing as circumventing it? By this reasoning, if you see a building with a security checkpoint and surrounded by fences (a clear indication that trying to circumvent the security checkpoint will get you in trouble), be warned that you have to enter it, because not entering can be assimilated to circumvention.

Yeah, right.


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