I once contacted a famous physicist, Carlo Rovelli, to ask for advice and opinion about my own “Big Theory of Everything and The Rest”. He was pretty busy, and told me that he only had time to glance at the draft of my article. I insisted a little, being really reluctant to submit anything before getting a sort of minor seal of approval. Remember, in that domain, I am only an amateur.

Anyway, I asked: Would reviewers scoff if I submitted the paper?. His reply was: One has always to try. Take a chance ….

It has taken me a full 5 months to dare follow his advice. But finally, today, I submitted the final draft of my “theory of incomplete measurements” to Physics Letters A. Time will tell if I really had anything interesting to say, or if my brain just had a major glitch for, wait, 8 months now? As a result, I pulled the PDF file that I had generated from the web, and left only the introduction (because publishing implies I will transfer the copyright to Elsevier Publishing).

Wish me luck…


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