An interesting discussion about an alternative to the Big-Bang from the M-theory (check the link for audio). The discussion is pretty interesting, though I cannot help but react to a statement like the evidence at this point is mainly mathematical (4:21 into the talk). That’s not evidence (but I think he knows that 🙂 On the other hand, a good discussion of some key problems of cosmology, like why is the universe so large and so uniform? See also another analysis of the problems discussed in the talk.

Also, around 43:30, a claim that science is about experimental evidence. The problem is that many theories now are beyond the reach of experiments. So the speaker’s comment that [science] is not a faith based approach, while somewhat true in general, does not seem work for example in the debate between string theories and alternatives, where the evidence is not enough to allow the logic part of our brains to take over.

As an aside, I decided to remove Motl’s “Reference Frame” from my links of “physics blogs” because of the generally inflammatory tone both in the main text and the comments, but also because of some really bad science.


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