A lot of work is going on in XL these days. I removed a blocker that had held me back for a while, and now I’m running again. It helps that I am on vacation too. And it is an additional motivation that I will soon be in Cupertino and meet my former colleagues from the HP compiler lab. Each time I go there, I make a point of bugging them with the latest developments in XL. [Update: the reaction this year was: “How long have you been working on this”. Some of these guys have seen me talking about XL for about 6-7 years now…]

The progress is now being made by constructing some of the data structures we take for granted in languages like C++ because they are part of the fundamental language objects: pointers, arrays, and so on. In XL, a pointer is a generic type like any other. But it takes some work to make this work seamlessly. The XL blog will give you more information on this. In any event, it is fun, it is relaxing (to me), and I’m pretty sure the number of people who care today is in the single digit range 🙂


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