Bee asked in a comment what I meant, that physics was sometimes hostile to outsiders? Well, what about this? I invite you to read it, first because it’s funny, second because posts at the so-called “reference frame” are known to mutate over time if it helps make the other person look dumb, so you might soon be reading something different…

Update: I experienced this myself now…

Well, I am not too surprised, I had predicted that this would happen in my last post. So Lubos may not have helped me with my physics ideas, he certainly experimentally proved my predictions about his behavior. But if you find a single valid argument, scientific or otherwise, in Lubos’ whole rant, please let me know. I, personally, particularly enjoyed With a third definition, you could pick a different new Einstein such as your humble correspondent (Lubos talks about himself there, not me, just to clarify).

Of course, I do not believe in any of the myths he attributes to me. As a matter of fact, I was precisely complaining about the quest of the new Einstein, which is sort of the opposite to advocating that “The goal of science is to wait for a “new Einstein” or a savior“. The simple fact that Lubos missed something that simple should put some perspective on Lubos’ analysis of anything else…

He similarly missed the point about Ed Witten entirely. He assumed that the only way Ed Witten could come up with a way to revolutionize software would be by knowing what I know. How so typical of him. My point was precisely the opposite. The fact that Ed Witten is so smart is ground enough to assume that a software idea of his would be worth looking at, even if he doesn’t know crap about the technical details. Of course, he might still be wrong, or his idea might be unrealistic precisely for technical reasons. In which case I would be happy to either explain or help straightening out the details. Nobody offered me any such help. That is the memo, Lubos.

Anyway, if it takes a few seconds to figure out that I’m a crackpot, hey, why don’t you show the world why? You are so smart, after all…


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