As expected, The Onion does a much better job than I did.

The scientists spoke for approximately three hours about the complicated science machine, which is expensive, and large, telling members of the House Committee on Science and Technology that the tubular, gamma-ray-using mechanism is vital in some big way. Yet the high price tag of the thing, which would be built on a 40-square-mile plot of land where the science would ultimately occur, remained a pressing question.

Found through Cosmic Variance. Everybody these days seems to agree that communication is difficult in science.

3 thoughts on “The $50B science thing

  1. Hi Christophe: Thanks for the link. The post about ‘Communication’ turned out to be somewhat more depressing for me than anticipated. I was hoping after a first commenter got the point, there would be an AHA effect following, but I wasn’t aware so little people read the comments. Best,B.

  2. Why was it depressing? Because someone found the trick so early? Or it took so long for others to figure it out?Honestly, Stephen Lutrell was remarkably subtle here, because he proved to you that he had understood the riddle, but in a way that left others to discover it. The all-caps mode and the silly no-contents discussion were so representative of “some” Internet that to me they seemed simply part of the narrative. I was puzzled why this won him a place in the sidebar, but that alone did not make me go back to your post.You see, I rarely read the same article twice, so I “got it” only when I got interested in the presentation of your blog. I noticed the first capitalized letter, thought that it was nice, and looked at the HTML code to see how you were doing it. Believe it or not, it’s in the HTML code that I noticed something 😦 And then, I was extremely disappointed to realize that Stephen had seen it 😦 :-(??? is what is left behind: “why is it depressing”? Why do you think this riddle helped your point? Is there some hidden meaning that escaped me in “I’m not using all these words because I want to punish the reader, but because I find them necessary to explain the context, and to make the point”?

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