E8 theory…

Garett Lisi recently posted An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything on ArXiv. Don't expect the article to really be "exceptionally simple", the title is really a pun on the fact that E8 is the largest exceptional simple Lie group. There's nothing really simple about all this, except that it's a beautiful form of symmetry. This … Continue reading E8 theory…


The other side

Funny that I should, twice in the same day, read a story about what the other side has to say about one of Richard Stallman's many gripes: The first one is Rob Pike's recollection of a protest against one of his software patents. The other is Dan Weinreb's rebuttal of Stallman's story on Symbolics and … Continue reading The other side

Selling: From complex to simple

An interesting thought from a friend of mine over lunch a couple of days ago (that's my rewrite, so errors are mine). Hi-tech companies start with the complex, high value add, because it means high differentiation. That's where engineers shine. But as their market expands, marketing becomes more and more important. And marketing hates complexity, … Continue reading Selling: From complex to simple