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Concept Programming Redux

Based on feedback from many people (most notably Daveed Vandevoorde and Lionel Schaffhauser), I posted a new presentation about Concept Programming. This should make the ideas much easier to grasp.

During the discussion, Daveed Vandevoorde pointed me to a very interesting paper about memory transactional models, which he used as an argument in favor of functional programming. Recommended reading, even if I don’t think that this is a point for functional programming at all myself (what is really being used is the very strong type system of Haskell).

Lionel Schaffhauser pointed out a number of presentation-related issues, which prompted me to change the order of the slides and add a whole section about the “Maximum” example.

As a reminder, there is also an older presentation about XL itself.

See announcement on the XL web site

Airbus construction

You may recently have heard that an Airbus A340 was recently damaged during ground testing. Well, it’s surprising this does not happen more often. Below is a video showing just how complex the construction of an A340 is:

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