Here is a semi-random collection of links about various topics I have covered on this blog at some point in time:

  • John Timmer on Ars Technica discusses how Scientific publishing might create a winner’s curse, according to a recently published paper. The economic angle should not have us forget that about the bigger problem of information overload and intelligent content filtering (which anonymous review certainly isn’t).
  • Machines have never been so close to fooling humans and passing the Turing test. But then, conversations held over chat always seem a little bit “disconnected”, without real substance, even with real humans. Fooling 30% of the audience is a good first step, but that’s definitely not enough.
  • NeuroSky and Square Enix announced the first “brainwave-controlled game”. Much like Alpha Waves (in my biased opinion the first real 3D game) looks quite crude today, these brainwave-controlled games are probably only the very beginning…
  • There has been a lot of buzz about the Microsoft Touchless SDK, but watching the videos, one can’t help but notice a rather blatant rip-off of CamSpace
  • Debate about C++ rages on, with Eric Raymond announcing an upcoming article about C++ considered harmful, to which Indogo Jo replies that C++ is the ugly useful language. It’s interesting that Eric Raymond’s earlier post is a cristicism of the Unix Hater’s Handbook which, I think, applies fittingly well to the little he showed of the C++ article…

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