I finally took some time to put back together my good old trusted HP DE200C Digital Entertainment Center, and I thought I would share the result:

In my opinion, this is a good illustration of the kind of innovation open-source brings. The software stack is pure free and open-source software. That allowed me to add my two cents contribution (driver for the Vacuum Fluorescent Display, support for the remote-control and front-panel keys).

But equally important, it shows the kind of innovative hardware that Hewlett-Packard was putting together back in 2001, seven years ago now… Kudos to Lee Devlin and other people who gave us this great toy.

The source code for my little contributions can be found at http://repo.or.cz: the Noritake VFD driver, the LCDproc changes and the Linux kernel changes. I had some trouble pushing the git repository for the last one, so here is a patch against 2.6.26, which may be easier for most.


3 thoughts on “HP DE200C Digital Entertainment Center

  1. I have a DEC. That was a super video showing it! I guess it took a lot of work to get it like that.Does any one have a image all ready set up for the DEC to do this? If so I guess you need some DVD player, Video card, and network card other then what came with the DEC?-Raymond Day

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