This post was edited from within Tao, for the first time. This is looking really cool, but I can’t really tell why just yet. It just makes me happy to see that we are making very significant progress.

More interesting general news: code bubbles are an interesting new paradigm for IDEs. It’s a really nice looking user interface, both fancy and apparently usable. Worth taking a look at, IMHO.

Now, I wonder why the Java programmers get all the fun and interesting tools… I have a theory that maybe they need so many tools because programming in Java is more difficult than in most other languages…


One thought on “Eating my own dog food

  1. CB looks great. I like the idea of keeping an eye on all the parts of the code I have recently edited, or just browsed through. Reminds me of the story of Le Petit Poucet (when Le Petit Poucet is abandoned by his parents, he finds his way back home thanks to small stones left along his way)…The fact is, finding one's way through any moderately large software project can be challenging, and the traditional IDEs have not come up with good solutions yet.The video also has an interesting part on debugging, where the history-keeping capabilities of the tool look promising.Like you I'm wondering if real languages^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H C/C++ are supported? The website says CodeBubbles is based on Eclipse (which does support C++ through plugins), but is not more specific.

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