Thanks to Slashdot, I just came across a blog I did not know, The Reinvigorated Programmer. The last few posts I read there were all quite good:

  • The value of BASIC as a first programming language dwells into interesting educational aspects of a much criticized language. To his argument, I’d add that anybody who learned BASIC had to learn how to do interesting programs in 48K at best, but sometimes as little as 1K (like on the ZX-81)
  • Whatever happened to programming, quickly followed by a redux, discusses how programming has changed into a job where you mostly assemble software components. I’d say it’s about time, but it’s true that assembling components is sometimes less fun than creating your own.

In any case, all the posts I read interested me, despite being illustrated by strange pictures of cold dead fish or cold dead humans. Well, the writing is good, and at least the guy understood that a few pictures here and there help.

Added to the side links.


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