Here is the right way to tell people about DRM and freedom. I’m sorry I can’t embed it here, YouTube says “Embedding disabled by request” (who talks about DRM…) You should also read the EFF original story.

Unfortunately, the freedom fighters are not always that good. Here is an entirely wrong way to attack the problem. Hint: don’t watch that movie, it’s boring. Instead of making simple points in a humorous way, we get a lot of talking heads, all on the same side of the story except for a few “bad guys”. Only the analogy with music remotely hits a chord in that whole movie. Yawn…

Don’t get fooled, though. There is a war going on, a war to grab land and power, a war to get more control. That war is currently being played on your iPhone by Apple, on your PS3 by Sony. But it’s all about denying you rights that you have and that you should fight to keep. Gizmodo says it quite well:


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