Some companies know how to provide an excellent customer experience. Most companies just don’t get it. Two experiences in the past weeks.

Orange is a large mobile phone provider in France. In over one month, I have been unable to have them to replace a cell phone I lost in a storm. I had to wait in a store only to be insulted by angry store representatives. Then I had to wait on the phone only to have them hang up on me. I had to write and call and write again, to receive only automated replies or replies that simply ignored the insurance contract I had. As a result, I cancelled my contract with them and went to another company.

Apple is another large company. They recently opened an Apple Store at CAP3000 in Nice. I went there to get a hard disk replaced in a 20″ iMac. I was greeted by a dedicated person at the store’s entrance. I was greeted by another person at the Genius bar. After I waited a little, this other person helpfully explained to me that I was waiting for a Mac Genius, that the only folks at the bar at the moment where specialized in the iPhone. In other words, he cared that I waited. Then the repair was quick and efficient. The next day, it took less than 5 minutes to get my repaired machine back, despite a crowd in the store that would make the Orange stores cry with envy. And when my wife didn’t show up at our rendez vous, another representative asked me if I needed a cell phone to call her. This is the reason I stick with Apple, time and time again.

Apple and Orange are only two examples. Darty, for example, always served me well. Unlike Orange, they honor their insurance contracts when you need them. I had so far a pleasant experience with Bouygues Telecom.

Vote with your wallet.


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