The Grizzly vs. the Frog

Guess who wins when you put a frog in front of a grizzly.

As a french national and entrepreneur myself, I am a bit appalled at how little our government understands the basics of economy. The way French Minister Arnaud Montebourg dealt with Mittal or Titan shows this crass ignorance. It does not save jobs, it just pisses investors off.

Here is one: when a US company wants to buy a plant, you don’t tell them to speak with the unions first. What if Arnaud Montebourg visited the US to negociate a big contract with US airlines to sell them planes, and was told by the US department to get in line at the airport front desk to talk with a company representative?…

Boiled frog syndrom: France has to stop thinking that unions are representative in economic matters. They are only relevant as far as people matters are concerned. For economics, French unions like the CGT have repeatedly demonstrated their ignorance.


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