For one month starting today, in Sophia-Antipolis is the first place in the world where you can see real-time digital art in glasses-free 3D. If you are in the area, come and see it at Espace Saint-Philippe, Avenue de Roumanille in Biot.

Today, Taodyne installed a new glasses-free 3D screen at This screen, powered by Taodyne’s unique Tao3D digital signage solution, offers an unprecedented visual experience, combining amazing visuals and ever-renewed interesting or useful contents.

3D interactive visual art (3DIVART): beautiful and always new

The 3D screen exposed at features a number of pieces from the 3DIVART collection. 3DIVART, it’s more than 100 digital art pieces specially crafted for glasses-free 3D displays (many of them thanks to our friends at ShaderToy). And the list keeps growing. Each piece is beautiful, intriguing, mind-blowing, or just funny.



Ray Manta



What’s even more amazing, each of these pieces is computed in real-time, for your eyes only. As a result, you will never see the same thing twice.

More artistic ways to present information

Art can be used to present information in a more entertaining way. For example, the collection includes a Dali-style clock (inspired by The Persistence of Memory), which shows the actual time. Watch as the clock’s hands spin in a surrealistic movement around a floppy hourglass body.

Dali donne l'heure

Showing real-time information

Using the NewsFeed module of Tao3D, the digital signage solution exposed at includes a ticker that shows real-time news from a variety of RSS sources, including Google News or Clubic.

Real-time News

This means that the screen is not just staying there passively, showing the same movies over and over. Instead, the screens shows something new every single day, useful data from sources of information you know and trust.

Christophe de Dinechin


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