It’s the ultimate showdown. On the left side, the current contender, the web. Thousands of developers building exciting new technologies using JavaScript, HTML5 and mashed potatoes. On the right side, a tiny French startup with Tao3D, a brand new way to describe documents. Guess who wins? (TL;DR: You know the web has to win. But why?)

Why are there new Javascript frameworks every day?

At Google I/O 2015, Google announced Polymer 1.0, a “modern web API” according to the web site. To me, it looks a bit like AngularJS mixed with Bootstrap.js, except it’s entirely different. Google also recently bought Firebase which looks to me a bit like Ionic, except of course it’s entirely different. And just now, I discovered Famous, which seems a bit similar to Reveal.js along with Three.js, except of course it’s entirely different.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of competition, and there is something unique about all these frameworks. But this proliferation also demonstrates that there’s something seriously wrong with the web today. And I’d like to explain what it is.

Reason #5: HTML5 is way too verbose

Consider the Hello Famous on the Famous front page. It’s a whole 38 lines of JavaScript just to make a single picture spin. What the Hulk? In Tao3D, it only takes 4 lines. Four tiny miserable lines on one side, vs. 38 with today’s leading web technologies? We are not talking about a mere 2x or 3x factor, but practically 10x. And it’s not an exception either. On a slightly more complex clock animation, Tao3D is 33x shorter than JavaScript. Don’t you want to save your carpal tunnel from premature death?

Due to limitations with WordPress and code colorization, I have to ask you to read the rest on the Taodyne web site.


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