OK, my last post about a few things that did not go too well installing Fedora got me some interesting comments. Donut worry, OSX is hardly perfect, as the screenshot below shows.

16G of megs for Mail.png

16GB of RAM for a mail application? That seems a bit much. And of course, OSX being so good at preventing runaway processes from gobbling all memory, this brings the rest of the machine to a crawl.

For reference, this represents, if I don’t get my units wrong like for my last post, about 262144 Commodore 64, or half a month of production at Commodore’s peak.

And to add insult to injury, the Window server crashed on me while I was typing this post. OSX does not like being criticized, and it’s clearly self-aware.


One thought on “16Gb of memory for Mail.app?

  1. Donuts and Commodore 64’s in one and the same post. It’s a good blog, this one! Jokes aside, yes that’s terrible. I’m using Opera Mail on Mac myself. It’s not as elegant and functional, but I haven’t seen it eat 16GB of RAM at least.

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