Apple Watch faces: still ugly after 3 years

When Apple launched the iPhone, it lacked a number of features, but Apple soon added the AppStore, and it proved a raging success. The Watch, on the other hand, did not follow the same pattern. Unfortunately, it still lacks a basic feature three years after launch: you are stuck with a very limited set of … Continue reading Apple Watch faces: still ugly after 3 years

From Ada to XL in 25+ years…

At the Paris Open Source Summit, I had a long discussion with engineers from AdaCore, that reminded me of the early roots of XL in Ada. I have never really retraced the steps along the way, and this was an interesting walk for me. I thought I'd share… My interest in programming languages is quite old. … Continue reading From Ada to XL in 25+ years…

The Alsys Ada commenting style

Since the beginning of my professional career, I have consistently been using the same commenting style in my code, which turns out to be quite distinctive. I can trace that style back to Alsys SA. There is a really good reason I still follow that commenting style to this day…

Releasing ‘build’

Today, I released build, a simple makefile-based build system derived from the makefiles for XL or ELFE. Features Build is a simple build system destined to make it easy to build C or C++ programs without having to write lengthy makefiles or going through the complexity of tools such as automake or cmake. It is … Continue reading Releasing ‘build’

iPhone contacts

There's something wrong with iPhone contacts. Simple operations like deleting an old phone number fail randomly. Anybody knows why? Case in point: one of my kids just moved to London for his first job. He now has a UK phone number. That's what I want as the primary phone number for him. This seems like … Continue reading iPhone contacts

Upgrading to kernel 4.9+

I upgraded to kernel 4.9. It apparently fixed the Wi-Fi issues. I still have occasional display glitches, but they also go away while on battery power. Kernel upgrade I upgraded to kernel 4.9+ (i.e. Linus Torvald's master branch as of today). While I ranted two days ago about some changes in how you install software, … Continue reading Upgrading to kernel 4.9+