5 ways Tao3D is so much better than HTML5

It's the ultimate showdown. On the left side, the current contender, the web. Thousands of developers building exciting new technologies using JavaScript, HTML5 and mashed potatoes. On the right side, a tiny French startup with Tao3D, a brand new way to describe documents. Guess who wins? (TL;DR: You know the web has to win. But … Continue reading 5 ways Tao3D is so much better than HTML5

Shader-based text animations

With shaders, it is possible to create interesting text animations. The code The following code lets you create a dancing script by using a vertex shader to move the y coordinate up and down over time, and use a fragment shader to create colorization effects: import BlackAndWhiteThemes theme "WhiteOnBlack" base_slide "Dancing script", contents 0, // … Continue reading Shader-based text animations

Digital art in 3D

For one month starting today, SUDELECTRO.com in Sophia-Antipolis is the first place in the world where you can see real-time digital art in glasses-free 3D. If you are in the area, come and see it at Espace Saint-Philippe, Avenue de Roumanille in Biot. Today, Taodyne installed a new glasses-free 3D screen at SUDELECTRO.com. This screen, powered … Continue reading Digital art in 3D

Storytelling: The web is doing it wrong

This is the follow-up article to Animation and 3D: the web is doing it wrong. In this article, I argue that the web is not helping us much with advanced storytelling. Based on our experience with Tao Presentations and interactive storytelling in 3D, we can offer a few suggestions. We can explain how to integrate … Continue reading Storytelling: The web is doing it wrong

5 Genre-Defining Games Forgotten by History

An interesting video talking about genre-defining games. I wrote one of them, Alpha Waves, as described in an earlier article. The video author does not seem to like the gameplay of Alpha Waves very much. But some people did love it. Just last year, a computer museum in Nice had Alpha Waves running on an … Continue reading 5 Genre-Defining Games Forgotten by History