macOS Sierra Mail bug

This week, I started using macOS Sierra. Overall, like iOS 10, it's another one of these Apple releases of late where what you gain is not extraordinarily compelling, but you discover as you go various things that you lost for no good reason. Here is one I found today. Apparently, macOS Sierra cannot send mail with picture … Continue reading macOS Sierra Mail bug

Connecting Mavericks to a Freebox: Oh the pain!

I'm very frustrated. Today, I wasted basically two or three hours fighting unreliable software implementing one of the most basic features in the world of networking, namely file sharing. I ought to be simple, it used to work, but if my experience is representative, it's complexly broken nowadays. Grenouille bouillie. What I tried to do … Continue reading Connecting Mavericks to a Freebox: Oh the pain!

Apple backups and RAID are not reliable

You'd think that if you use RAID1 and multiple redundant, distributed backups with hourly backups, daily backups, etc, you'd be safe? Think again. If your backup software lies to you, you may not realize it until it's way too late. If you RAID software does not deem it worthy to mention that a disk failed, … Continue reading Apple backups and RAID are not reliable

Adding chapter numbering in Apple Pages

At Taodyne, we mostly use Apple Pages to create our documents. For large documents, I'd like to be able to create numbered chapters, something like "Chapter 1", "Chapter 2", and so on. Apple Pages does not seem to have that feature. Let's not get used to it,  and let's fix it. Apple Pages can read numbered … Continue reading Adding chapter numbering in Apple Pages

Stereoscopy: What works, what doesn’t

In the past months, we have been looking for a relatively cheap way to present the output of a 3D application using stereoscopy. Our objective was to see how an application could generate stereoscopic output using commercially-available low-cost hardware. Our expectation was that a budget 3D laptop and a budget 3D projector would make for … Continue reading Stereoscopy: What works, what doesn’t

MacOSX Leopard: disappointed…

I finally purchased MacOSX Leopard. For a long time, I had purchased every single update of MacOSX as soon as I could, because they were generally worth it. This was the first time I had some second thoughts. There were a number of mixed reviews over the net, like the excellent Ars Technica review. The … Continue reading MacOSX Leopard: disappointed…

VMware soon to virtualize of 3D graphics

This started with a video on Youtube purportedly showing accelerated 3D graphics in VMware Fusion. The news was quickly spotted by Macbidouille and many others, and later confirmed. This is interesting news, for two reasons. The first one is that graphics performance has been a main bottleneck for desktop virtualization for a long time, and … Continue reading VMware soon to virtualize of 3D graphics