Facebook privacy policy

This might be interesting for folks using Facebook...


The Good and Bad of DRM defense

Here is the right way to tell people about DRM and freedom. I'm sorry I can't embed it here, YouTube says "Embedding disabled by request" (who talks about DRM...) You should also read the EFF original story. Unfortunately, the freedom fighters are not always that good. Here is an entirely wrong way to attack the … Continue reading The Good and Bad of DRM defense

Ars Technica analysis of piracy causes

Ars Technica discusses the 10 "inconvenient truths" posted by IFPI. I find their analysis pretty to the point: When it comes to disparaging those who favor a softer copyright policy, Ars has an inconvenient truth of our own to share with the music industry: these are the sort of tactics that only entrench consumer opposition. … Continue reading Ars Technica analysis of piracy causes

Stupidest reasoning of the year

According to this article, companies called MRT and BlueBeat are threatening various corporations (Apple, Microsoft, Adobe) for not using their Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) technology. Their reasoning, according to the article? MRT and Bluebeat said the failure to use an available copyright protection solution contravenes the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which prohibits the manufacture of … Continue reading Stupidest reasoning of the year