Goodbye HP, Hello Taodyne

After almost 16 years working for HP, almost half of which on HPVM, I have decided to do something else. Please welcome my new little company, Taodyne, into the fierce world of software development startups. Taodyne is supported and funded by Incubateur PACA-Est. For me, this is a pretty major change. So it was not … Continue reading Goodbye HP, Hello Taodyne


HP Pay Cuts – an unfair act of economic opportunism and greed.

Damian Saunders writes: HP’s CEO, Mark Hurd announced, on the 20th February that he would be implementing a company wide cut in pay for all employees. Starting with a reduction in his own salary by 20%, followed by senior executives who would take a drop between ten and fifteen percent, regular employees 5 percent and … Continue reading HP Pay Cuts – an unfair act of economic opportunism and greed.

Why writing proprietary software is not fun

Eric Raymond explained why he hates proprietary software. And the reason is not with the software itself, but with how it is being written: In that world, the working programmer’s normal experience includes being forced to use broken tools for political reasons, insane specifications, and impossible deadlines. It means living in Dilbert-land, only without the … Continue reading Why writing proprietary software is not fun

Virtual machines and scalability

I already pointed out many problems regarding the comparison of virtual machines recently posted by IBM. But there is one topic which I thought required a separate post, namely scalability. What is scalability? Simply put, scalability is the ability to take advantage of having more CPUs, more memory, more disk, more bandwidth. If I put … Continue reading Virtual machines and scalability

IBM’s comparison of virtual machines…

IBM just posted a comparison of virtual machines that I find annoyingly flawed. Fortunately, discussion on OSnews showed that technical people don't buy this kind of "data". Still, I thought that there was some value in pointing out some of the problems with IBM's paper. nPartitions are tougher than logical partitions What HP calls 'nPartitions' … Continue reading IBM’s comparison of virtual machines…

Where did the HP Way go?

Recently, I discussed with some HP colleagues about the old "HP Way". This happens a lot, actually. I'd say that this is a topic of discussion during lunch at HP maybe once a week, in one form or another. Employees who were at Hewlett-Packard before the merger with Compaq, more specifically before Carly Fiorina decided … Continue reading Where did the HP Way go?

HP TechCon 2008

I just came back from HP TechCon 2008, Hewlett-Packard's internal conference for technologists, which was held in Boston this year. HP TechCon is something serious. It works like a real conference: you have to submit papers to be invited, there is a formal selection process, and technologists end up presenting their work to a wide … Continue reading HP TechCon 2008