Why writing proprietary software is not fun

Eric Raymond explained why he hates proprietary software. And the reason is not with the software itself, but with how it is being written: In that world, the working programmer’s normal experience includes being forced to use broken tools for political reasons, insane specifications, and impossible deadlines. It means living in Dilbert-land, only without the … Continue reading Why writing proprietary software is not fun


Hyper-V: Linux or not Linux?

A recent column by Mitchell Ashley argues that Microsoft's upcoming Hyper-V virtualization platform (formerly known as Viridian) "leaves out Linux in the cold", because it only supports SuSE Linux and not the bigger contenders like RedHat and Ubuntu. I believe that Mitchell Ashley misses two important points in his analysis: The US market, where RedHat … Continue reading Hyper-V: Linux or not Linux?

Bill Gates 1989 predictions

In 1989, Bill Gates gave a talk at the University of Waterloo. An audio transcript recently became available. Money money money The talk is interesting from a historical perspective. You get Bill Gates' personal perspective on the history. Like "software is where we belong", because once it works, it keeps working. The reasoning is really: … Continue reading Bill Gates 1989 predictions