Is it normal to wait for your computer? Why should I wait 5 seconds when I click on a menu? Why does it sometimes take half a minute to open a new document? Developers, optimize your code, if only as a matter of public service! What about making it a New Year resolution? Why is … Continue reading Optimize!

VMworld 2007

VMworld 2007 was held in the Moscone center in San Francisco on September 11-13. You can access all the keynote sessions here. Attendance was in the 10,000 range this year, as opposed to 1500 a couple of years ago. Virtualization is becoming "mainstream". Diane Greene's keynote Diane Greene, VMware's co-founder and CEO, gave the initial … Continue reading VMworld 2007

VMware co-founder predicts death of operating systems

According to this article, VMware co-founder Mendel Rosenblum predicts the death of the operating system. I once made a somewhat similar prediction, although at the time, I thought that it would disappear from view, not from existence. Both positions are closer than it may appear at first. Rosenblum and I both predict the disappearance of … Continue reading VMware co-founder predicts death of operating systems

Virtualization benchmark

I just came across a very simple virtualization benchmark. This kind of benchmark shows some of the problems with virtualization: it usually works pretty well at limited load, but you pay the price at high load. This appears to be true of any virtualization technology today, even if it varies in the details. Benchmarking often … Continue reading Virtualization benchmark

VMware soon to virtualize of 3D graphics

This started with a video on Youtube purportedly showing accelerated 3D graphics in VMware Fusion. The news was quickly spotted by Macbidouille and many others, and later confirmed. This is interesting news, for two reasons. The first one is that graphics performance has been a main bottleneck for desktop virtualization for a long time, and … Continue reading VMware soon to virtualize of 3D graphics

Longhorn virtualization

Microsoft recently published a video of their upcoming Longhorn virtualization. Interestingly, they demonstrate a feature that they claim no competitor can match, namely an 8-core virtual machine. I'm really curious to see the final product. Being in the field, I know exactly what kind of problem virtual machines run into with scalability. A key problem … Continue reading Longhorn virtualization