Multicore panic…

According to this article: Chuck Moore, an AMD senior fellow, made the case for the shift to a new software model based on heterogeneous collections of cores optimized for various tasks. He suggested computers should be more like cellphones, using a variety of specialty cores to run modular software scheduled by a high-level applications programming … Continue reading Multicore panic…


Wolfram’s thoughts on physics

I just came across Stephen Wolfram's latest post. I suppose that everybody knows who this guy is. In my opinion, he definitely qualifies as a genius. I do not say that lightly: on the contrary, you might actually think from reading this blog that I tend to be worried, skeptical or even angry at physics, … Continue reading Wolfram’s thoughts on physics

Geekstorming and intentional programming

I recently came across Geekstorming, a blog that actually makes a reference to the XL web site, in the right context even! Not surprisingly, since the author apparently works at IntentSoft, where Charles Simonyi and others are working on intentional programming. Something to keep an eye on. Side note, that reminds me of that day … Continue reading Geekstorming and intentional programming