Animation and 3D: the web is doing it wrong

In Animation and 3D: the web is doing it wrong, I argue that the way the web does animation and 3D is completely bogus and deserves to die. With Tao Presentations, we offer a dynamic document description language that lets us write shorter code that is much closer to storytelling. We'd like to bring this to the … Continue reading Animation and 3D: the web is doing it wrong

Meta: Talk about LLVM

I gave a short talk about LLVM today. The link to the talk is tao:// (sorry, can't make it a hyperlink, as WordPress removes the tao:// part...). To watch this link, you will need Tao Presentations, which itself uses LLVM for the rendering. This is not the first meta-talk made with Tao Presentations, but for some reason, … Continue reading Meta: Talk about LLVM