La SNCF en flagrant délit d’IP-tracking

La SNCF affirme ne pas pratiquer l'IP tracking, J'ai du mal à y croire. Il y a quelques minutes, ma femme va sur le site Voyages SNCF, et demande un billet Paris-Antibes. Prix du billet: 80€. "Attention, dernières places à ce prix", bien sûr. Mais à un moment, elle fait une erreur, et décide de … Continue reading La SNCF en flagrant délit d’IP-tracking


Building a 3D clock in under 10 minutes

In this screencast, I show how you can build a dynamic, real-time clock in less than 10 minutes with Tao Presentations.

Coding a DNA strand in 3D

In this live coding session, we demonstrate how to quickly create a DNA strand in 3D: The whole code is below: import LuckyStarsTheme theme "LuckyStars" picture_slide "Did DNA come from outer space?", light 0 light_position 1000, 1000, 1000 translate -300, 0, -300 rotatey mouse_x random_seed 12345 dna_strand with -30 .. 30 slide "Arguments in favor", … Continue reading Coding a DNA strand in 3D


Is it normal to wait for your computer? Why should I wait 5 seconds when I click on a menu? Why does it sometimes take half a minute to open a new document? Developers, optimize your code, if only as a matter of public service! What about making it a New Year resolution? Why is … Continue reading Optimize!

Taodyne – Tao Presentations documents: execution and drawing model

This article explains how Tao Presentations proceeds to transform a document (.ddd) into images on the screen. It describes an interesting mechanism making it easy to create dynamic documents that depend on events such as time or mouse movements. Moreover, this technique also allows Tao Presntations to optimize the rendering of graphic elements, enabling smooth 60Hz … Continue reading Taodyne – Tao Presentations documents: execution and drawing model

Meta: Talk about LLVM

I gave a short talk about LLVM today. The link to the talk is tao:// (sorry, can't make it a hyperlink, as WordPress removes the tao:// part...). To watch this link, you will need Tao Presentations, which itself uses LLVM for the rendering. This is not the first meta-talk made with Tao Presentations, but for some reason, … Continue reading Meta: Talk about LLVM

Taodyne’s best wishes – Source code version

I have release the source code for the "Season's Greetings" from Taodyne. This can give you an idea of what XL can do today. In that video, which is rendered in real-time and in 3D, the XL program executes 60 times per second to synchronize the animations on the screen with the background movie. In … Continue reading Taodyne’s best wishes – Source code version