Restarting a Blogmax “private” blog

Back when I was working for HP, I was using Blogmax to build a daily blog of my activities. That was quite useful as a self-reference, but also helped my team members follow what I was doing (I was the only one working from France, most of the team being in the US). When I … Continue reading Restarting a Blogmax “private” blog


Paul Graham recommends doing things that don’t scale

As usual, Paul Graham writes an interesting piece about startups. He recommends doing things that don't scale. Thinking like a big company is a sure way to fail. It's a reassuring piece for the startup creator that I am, because at Taodyne, we are indeed in this phase where you do everything yourself and you'd … Continue reading Paul Graham recommends doing things that don’t scale

Everything is broken and no one cares

Everything is broken and no one cares This post from Dear Apple is just so true, and so clearly on topic for Grenouille Bouillie! Have we reached the point in complexity where we can't make good quality products anymore? Or is that some kind of strategic choice? The original post is mostly about Apple products, … Continue reading Everything is broken and no one cares

When Google oversteps its authority

Recently, a user of Tao Presentations informed us that Google Chrome displayed a dire warning after he downloaded our software: "Tao Presentations may be malicious software". Uh oh, for the average Joe, that's a big no-no. Google locks out "unapproved" programs It's not just us. Recently, I tried to download some of the amazing demos created … Continue reading When Google oversteps its authority

Moi Président de PME

Quel "président" j'aimerais être? Un président de PME qui, d'abord, respecte la France, qui l'aime. Je suis le président d'une petite société, je ne peux être que président de pratiquement rien, chef de rien, mais en définitive responsable de tout. Moi, président de PME, je ne suis même pas le chef d'une minorité. Je n'ai … Continue reading Moi Président de PME