Restarting a Blogmax “private” blog

Back when I was working for HP, I was using Blogmax to build a daily blog of my activities. That was quite useful as a self-reference, but also helped my team members follow what I was doing (I was the only one working from France, most of the team being in the US). When I … Continue reading Restarting a Blogmax “private” blog


Startup Week-End Nice Sophia-Antipolis : Big Success

I spent the last four days at a rather exciting entrepreneurial event on the French Riviera, which really combined three distinct events under the umbrella of the brand new RivieraCube association: An Open Coffee with the Sophia-Antipolis team. Open Coffee is an informal gathering of (mostly Java) geeks around a coffee (or, more often in our … Continue reading Startup Week-End Nice Sophia-Antipolis : Big Success