Young talent

We have a singer at our parish who, two weeks ago, performed a music I really liked. So I asked her what it was, planning to order a CD or something like that. It turns out that she had composed it. I’m not alone liking it, my kids keep humming it, even as I type this.

It turns out that she put a few videos on YouTube. Here is the music we heard that Sunday (but the video clearly doesn’t do it justice):

Here is another one in French that I liked:


600-years old music encoded with wave patterns?

Two musicians have analyzed 600-old carvings and believe that they encode music using cymatics.

What I find fascinating is that it might just be true. I can very well imagine monks observing that patterns of dust on a table organize themselves as they sing, improving their collective harmony by trying to obtain aesthetically pleasing patterns, and finally engraving these patterns as a record of the music they were chanting.

You can listen to this music in the video below: