André Vignon, beloved grandfather, passed away

My grandfather, André Vignon, passed away today, at the age of 96. This remarkable man had 13 children, more than 50 grandchildren, and currently just shy of 80 grand-grandchildren. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre 39-45, but he was so modest that almost nobody in the family can tell you why. For years, he was the CEO of Favrichon, a company specialized in healthy foods, particularly cereals. We grew up testing the prototypes of various cereal products, and I suppose that our enthusiasm for this or that new flavor decided its fate.

It’s very hard to describe what a loss this is to the whole family. We all grew up among dozens of cousins. It always felt perfectly normal to me to go on vacation during summer time with half a dozen cousins my age to play with, until I realized much later in life just how exceptional this experience was. Love was completely central to this family, and years later, we still see each others regularly and with great pleasure.

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