Moi Président de PME

Quel "président" j'aimerais être? Un président de PME qui, d'abord, respecte la France, qui l'aime. Je suis le président d'une petite société, je ne peux être que président de pratiquement rien, chef de rien, mais en définitive responsable de tout. Moi, président de PME, je ne suis même pas le chef d'une minorité. Je n'ai … Continue reading Moi Président de PME


Explaining #geonpi to non-French entrepreneurs

There's been a recent flurry of activity on twitter around the #geonpi hashtag. What is going on? The short version is that French entrepreneurs are all up in arms against the French budget law for 2013. On the surface, one aspect of the law is intended to align the taxation of capital on the taxation … Continue reading Explaining #geonpi to non-French entrepreneurs

The woes of the "One laptop per child" project

Ivan Krstić writes in Sic Transit Gloria Laptopi about the woes of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project. The whole essay is a bit long, but definitely worth reading. It goes through the history of the OLPC project (including its roots in early experiments), through musings about the best choice of operating system, to … Continue reading The woes of the "One laptop per child" project

Links of the day

Reconstructing Quantum mechanics from 5 axioms, but the axioms seem a bit complicated at first sight: probabilistic description, simplicity (defined in a rather non-simple way), subspaces, composite systems and continuity. Overall, this paper tries hard to convince that quantum probabilities are "special", but I think that it does so by unnecessarily restricting the set of … Continue reading Links of the day

Global Warming, the Baez Way

A great quote from Week 252: In 6.5 billion years from now the Sun will become a full-fledged red giant, 170 times bigger and 2400 times brighter than today. The Republican Party will finally admit the existence of global warming, but point out that it's not human-caused. Two posts on Global Warming in the same … Continue reading Global Warming, the Baez Way