Links of the day

Reconstructing Quantum mechanics from 5 axioms, but the axioms seem a bit complicated at first sight: probabilistic description, simplicity (defined in a rather non-simple way), subspaces, composite systems and continuity. Overall, this paper tries hard to convince that quantum probabilities are “special”, but I think that it does so by unnecessarily restricting the set of allowed “classical” experiments (notably, experiments where you don’t know everything).

If you are to debate CO2 and other greenhouse effects, per-country and per-capita emissions may be useful.

A very neat flexible screen by Sony. I had seen similar technology at HP, but in black and white only at the time.

The DVD protection mechanism finally acknowledged as “ineffective”. Message to media copyright holders: don’t implement sloppy protection mechanisms and expect the law to protect you. The message might begin to be heard, since some ask about legal HD-DVD copy.

And finally, whether you believe that the news media tell you everything that’s interesting, or on the contrary, that there is a big conspiracy going on, you will be concerned with the top 25 censored stories of the year.

CO2 capture

A CO2 capture device was demonstrated, which extracts CO2 from the atmosphere, for example for industrial applications such as extracting more oil (see the reference to the Alberta oil fields in the article)…

Am I the only one who thinks that this is as much a solution for the CO2 situation as surgery is for obesity?