Dark matter as a proof of E.T. intelligence?

Here is a random thought... What if dark matter was a sign of intelligent extra-terrestrial life? The idea is simply that a Type III civilization on the Kardashev scale would control the flows of energy escaping their galaxy. Many solar systems (the inhabitable or useful ones) would end up with mechanisms such as Dyson spheres, … Continue reading Dark matter as a proof of E.T. intelligence?


Dark matter, the modern aether

Today, my 16-year old son asked me what dark matter was. I was surprised that he would even have heard about dark matter, but it turns out that even junior science magazines talk about the search for dark matter these days. I must say that I'm not too happy about that. The junior science article, … Continue reading Dark matter, the modern aether

Dark matter exists?

I recently came across a page explaining that dark matter exists. In case you don't know, dark matter is this mysterious stuff interacting very weakly, if at all, with normal matter, except for a gravitational effect. Dark matter is one way to explain why galaxies do not move the way they should as predicted by … Continue reading Dark matter exists?