No little thing is to small for grandiose words chiseled by some marketing war machine. Seen on a Lampe Berger anti-mosquito product this morning: Parfum "Absolu de vanille" Vanilla Gourmet Scent Not only is this ridiculously hyperlative, but they also have a different "tint" for the Engish and French version. English reader will notice that … Continue reading Hyperlatives


New draft of the TIM

I've just posted a new draft (draft 25) of the theory of incomplete measurements. I'm working on clarifying the text more than on the actual contents. There is one change in contents, however, which is to add a reference to Dr Charles Francis' Relational quantum mechanics. Of particular interest to me is his observation that … Continue reading New draft of the TIM

Life and Death of a photon

There was recently an article in Nature about how a team of French physicists managed to observe a single photon. The trick, of course, is to observe the photon without destroying it. Apparently, the trick is to use an interaction between atoms of rubidium and photons, that causes them to tick a little late. There … Continue reading Life and Death of a photon