How to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics

Unifying quantum mechanics and general relativity has been a problem for decades. I believe that I have cracked that nut. Special relativity: Philosophical principle: Laws of physics should not depend on observer's speed. Math: Lorentz transform, new way to "add" speeds. Issues it solved: Maxwell's equations predict a value for the speed of light that … Continue reading How to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics


No little thing is to small for grandiose words chiseled by some marketing war machine. Seen on a Lampe Berger anti-mosquito product this morning: Parfum "Absolu de vanille" Vanilla Gourmet Scent Not only is this ridiculously hyperlative, but they also have a different "tint" for the Engish and French version. English reader will notice that … Continue reading Hyperlatives

How To Teach Special Relativity

How to Teach Special Relativity is a famous article by John Bell where he advocates that the way we teach relativity does not give good results. He describes an experiment now known as Bell's spaceship paradox (even if Bell did not invent it): In Bell's version of the thought experiment, two spaceships, which are initially … Continue reading How To Teach Special Relativity