XL programming language

As I'm sure any of my readers knows, XL is the best programming language in the world. Unfortunately, due to distractions like the theory of incomplete measurements (TIM), I had not been able to find time to work on it in a while. I finally got back to compiler development, the progress report is on … Continue reading XL programming language


An interesting quote from Einstein

This Einstein guy never ceases to amaze me 😉 One can give good reasons why reality cannot at all be represented by a continuous field. From the quantum phenomena it appears to follow with certainty that a finite system of finite energy can be completely described by a finite set of numbers (quantum numbers). This … Continue reading An interesting quote from Einstein

The "being unreasonable" tactic…

Until yesterday, my approach to get some help with publication of my pet theory had been to ask for advice, as politely as possible, sending only one, rarely two e-mails, and giving a lot of time for response. Basically, the approach that usually gets you results pretty quickly in the software community. Naturally, my questions … Continue reading The "being unreasonable" tactic…

One has always to try

I once contacted a famous physicist, Carlo Rovelli, to ask for advice and opinion about my own "Big Theory of Everything and The Rest". He was pretty busy, and told me that he only had time to glance at the draft of my article. I insisted a little, being really reluctant to submit anything before … Continue reading One has always to try

Another Theory of Everything

Dr Max Tegmark looks like a very interesting person to discuss with. He is clearly a very credible scientist with a knack for explaining to the layman (that's me), but he also indulges in what he calls "bananas" theories of everything. I find his mathematical universe article fascinating. It is well researched and well argumented. … Continue reading Another Theory of Everything

New draft of the TIM

I've just posted a new draft (draft 25) of the theory of incomplete measurements. I'm working on clarifying the text more than on the actual contents. There is one change in contents, however, which is to add a reference to Dr Charles Francis' Relational quantum mechanics. Of particular interest to me is his observation that … Continue reading New draft of the TIM