Moi Président de PME

Quel "président" j'aimerais être? Un président de PME qui, d'abord, respecte la France, qui l'aime. Je suis le président d'une petite société, je ne peux être que président de pratiquement rien, chef de rien, mais en définitive responsable de tout. Moi, président de PME, je ne suis même pas le chef d'une minorité. Je n'ai … Continue reading Moi Président de PME


Explaining #geonpi to non-French entrepreneurs

There's been a recent flurry of activity on twitter around the #geonpi hashtag. What is going on? The short version is that French entrepreneurs are all up in arms against the French budget law for 2013. On the surface, one aspect of the law is intended to align the taxation of capital on the taxation … Continue reading Explaining #geonpi to non-French entrepreneurs

Slashdot on the election of Nicolas Sarkozy

There is an article on Slashdot about the election of Nicolas Sarkozy. The header of the story included Sarkozy is seen as a divisive figure for his demand that immigrants learn Western values (and the French language), a phrase that number of readers commented, noting if I'm going to move to France I'm at least … Continue reading Slashdot on the election of Nicolas Sarkozy

The democratic power of the Internet

Chances are that you never heard about 08-f8-10-01-9c-73-e2-5a-d7-40-55-c4-62-55-87-bf, and that nobody cares about that number at all. Now, add one to every byte, and all of a sudden, the resulting number becomes a key ingredient to writing an HD-DVD player for Linux, which some argue makes this number a reverse-engineering weapon that exposes you to … Continue reading The democratic power of the Internet