P versus NP

A researcher from HP Labs named Vinay Deolalikar announced a new proof that complexity classes P and NP are different. The paper made it to the Slashdot front-page (more on this below). What constitutes a "proof"? This is far from being the first claimed proof. There are about as many proofs that P is the same … Continue reading P versus NP


Linus Torvalds on religion

Linus Torvalds, original creator of Linux, writes in his blog: One of them starts to seriously talk about praying demons away, and then after the prayer has driven the demon out of the person, you have to support the person so that the demon doesn't come back. And nobody laughs at him. Seriously? What year … Continue reading Linus Torvalds on religion

What is your dangerous idea?

I've just finished reading John Brockman's What is your Dangerous Idea?. This book is a collection of short essays (108 of them, I believe) by various authors selected by the Edge foundation. This makes it a book that is difficult to summarize or even analyze, but I'll try. If you want to read the essays … Continue reading What is your dangerous idea?

Cyclic big-bang?

An interesting discussion about an alternative to the Big-Bang from the M-theory (check the link for audio). The discussion is pretty interesting, though I cannot help but react to a statement like the evidence at this point is mainly mathematical (4:21 into the talk). That's not evidence (but I think he knows that 🙂 On … Continue reading Cyclic big-bang?

Another Theory of Everything

Dr Max Tegmark looks like a very interesting person to discuss with. He is clearly a very credible scientist with a knack for explaining to the layman (that's me), but he also indulges in what he calls "bananas" theories of everything. I find his mathematical universe article fascinating. It is well researched and well argumented. … Continue reading Another Theory of Everything


The question of whether John-Paul II will be officially proclaimed a Saint by the Catholic church makes some headlines. But there are less visible figures that might very well be saints without many knowing it. There was an extraordinary testimony in Famille Chrétienne by the parents of Jeanne-Marie Kegelin, a young girl who was savagely … Continue reading Sainthood…