Apple Watch faces: still ugly after 3 years

When Apple launched the iPhone, it lacked a number of features, but Apple soon added the AppStore, and it proved a raging success. The Watch, on the other hand, did not follow the same pattern. Unfortunately, it still lacks a basic feature three years after launch: you are stuck with a very limited set of … Continue reading Apple Watch faces: still ugly after 3 years


The Alsys Ada commenting style

Since the beginning of my professional career, I have consistently been using the same commenting style in my code, which turns out to be quite distinctive. I can trace that style back to Alsys SA. There is a really good reason I still follow that commenting style to this day…

Releasing ‘build’

Today, I released build, a simple makefile-based build system derived from the makefiles for XL or ELFE. Features Build is a simple build system destined to make it easy to build C or C++ programs without having to write lengthy makefiles or going through the complexity of tools such as automake or cmake. It is … Continue reading Releasing ‘build’

A real-time, lock-free, multi-CPU flight recorder

Debugging complex, real-time, multi-CPU programs like HPVM, Tao3D or the software in the DxO ONE can be a real challenge. You need detailed information about what's going on, but at the same time, adding instrumentation, e.g. a big bunch of ad-hoc printf statements, can change the behavior of the program sufficiently to make the problem you are chasing … Continue reading A real-time, lock-free, multi-CPU flight recorder

The bogus “interpretations” of quantum mechanics

I've not written on this blog for a long time. A talk in Mouans-Sartoux yesterday prompted me to write this rant about what I will (demonstrably) call bogus interpretations of quantum mechanics. Specifically the "dead and alive cat" myth. Schrödinger's cat One of the most iconic thought experiments used to explain quantum mechanics is called Schrödinger's … Continue reading The bogus “interpretations” of quantum mechanics