I will not lie to please your masters

Political correctness is a cancer of the mind. It is based on lies, and worse yet, it demands that you bow to the lies. In a very Grenouille Bouillie way, this propaganda technique has slowly invaded not just politics, but even the corporate world, and we are now at risk of losing major human rights, … Continue reading I will not lie to please your masters

The Freedom Covenant

The year 2020 has seen a massive onslaught on individual liberty, restricting or putting conditions on our movements, what we can say, what we can publish, what we can even think. This is always done ostensibly for some "greater good", but in reality to grab power. Nothing new here: in the infamous words of Saint-Just, … Continue reading The Freedom Covenant

Orwell’s 1984 was not an instruction manual

Some seem to mistakenly believe that George Orwell's 1984 was an instruction manual. It was a warning against dictatorship and specifically the socialist / communist / nazi / fascist / marxist flavor of dictatorship that sprouted all along the XXth century. It looks like the younger generation does not know enough history, and they are being played again, using the exact same playbook.

Old ideas about an OS from scratch

About five years ago, in 2015, I wrote a rather long document about how to design an operating system from scratch. I won't give the precise context on why I did that. Some people might be able to guess it from the content. There was a question on Quora that I thought I would answer … Continue reading Old ideas about an OS from scratch

macOS Catalina Kernel panics

I upgraded to macOS Catalina last week (10.15.1). Since then, my computer has crashed no less than three times with the exact same kernel panic, pointing out to something wrong with the graphics driver (com.apple.kext.AMDRadeonX4000). The usual trick of letting one minor version pass before upgrading did not work. Update 1: It's a widely reported … Continue reading macOS Catalina Kernel panics

The return of HPDS (and MacOS9 in qemu)

A friend of mine, Paul Courbis, has recently re-published old books of his on Amazon. The books are about the HP Saturn-based calculators, like the HP-48. The 1990s are calling, they want their development tools back This apparently rekindled some interest in these old HP calculators, and someone asked him about HPDS (HP Development System), … Continue reading The return of HPDS (and MacOS9 in qemu)

Informagie, my first sci-fi book

I finally completed it! It only took 32 years… Informagie is a science-fiction book I started writing as a student. It's in French, although I'm currently working in the English version. Here is the blurb describing the book on Amazon: J'ai retrouvé ce manuscrit dans mon grenier. Il a été écrit par mon oncle Antoine … Continue reading Informagie, my first sci-fi book

Apple Watch faces: still ugly after 3 years

When Apple launched the iPhone, it lacked a number of features, but Apple soon added the AppStore, and it proved a raging success. The Watch, on the other hand, did not follow the same pattern. Unfortunately, it still lacks a basic feature three years after launch: you are stuck with a very limited set of … Continue reading Apple Watch faces: still ugly after 3 years